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Are you a Gay.?!

A guy finds himself in hell after dead. On his way, he meets up a demon…

Demon: Why so sad pal?
Guy:  Dude, I’m in hell.
Demon:  Hell’s not that bad.  You will have a lot of fun down here. Do ya drink?
Guy:  Of course, I love drinks.
Demon:  Then you’ll definitely love Mondays pal. On Mondays, all we do is drink. All sorts of drinks, party…etc.

Guy:  Hey, that sounds great.
Demon:  Do ya Smoke?
Guy: Believe it!  I can’t live without smoking.
Demon:  Alright!  Then you’re gonna enjoy the Tuesdays. We give you the finest cigars & marijuana to smoke your lungs out. And who the hell cares if you get cancer – no big deal – you’re already dead, right?
Guy:  Wow, that’s cool!

Demon:  Do ya Gamble?
Guy:  As a matter of fact I do.
Demon:  Wednesday is the day you can gamble all you want. Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, whatever you want.  And who cares if you’re bankrupt, you’re already Dead.

Demon:   I bet you’re into drugs.
Guy:  I bet you’re kidding?  Who doesn’t love drugs! I’d do anything for drugs…
Demon:  That’s interesting!  Thursday is what we call the Drug Day. You can do all the drugs you want and if ya overdose.

Guy: I’m Dead already.

Demon: That’s right – you’re dead & who cares!

Guy:  I never thought Hell was such a great place!! You guys rock man. Well, what’s on Friday?

Demon: You gay?
Guy:  Uhhh  no.
Demon:  Ooooh  (grimaces) you’re really gonna hate Fridays pal.


Alex, Mark and Steve share a large suite on the top of a 75 storey skyscraper.

After a hectic day at work, these guys were shocked to hear that the elevators in the storey went out-of-order and they must climb 75 floors of stairs to reach their room. Alex said to Mark & Steve; let’s break the boredom of this unpleasant task by focusing on something interesting.  I’ll tell jokes for 25 floors, Mark will sing songs for 25 floors, and Steve tells sad stories the rest 25.

Agreed and the three started climbing the stairs. At 26th floor Alex stopped telling jokes and Mark began to sing.  At 51st floor Mark stopped singing and Steve began to tell sad stories. “I will tell the saddest story first,” he said.

“I’ve left the room key in the car!”