One fine night Peter and Emma were on their way home from the bar and got pulled over by the cops.

Police: Sir, you have been stopped because your tail-light was busted.

Peter: I’m very sorry officer, I didn’t realize it was out, I’ll get it fixed right away.”

Just then Emma said, “I told you to get that fixed two days ago. You never listened.”

Police: Sir, Can I have a look at your license?

Peter: There you go officer, here it is.

Police: Sir, your license has expired.

Peter: I’m sorry again. I didn’t realize that it had expired. I will renew it first thing in the morning.

Then Emma said, “I told you a week ago that you got a letter telling that your license expired. You never listened.”

Now Peter is in rage with his wife and yelled at her in a loud voice, “Emma, shut your mouth, you #$%^#!”

The Police officer then moved towards Emma and asked. “Ma’am, does your husband always talk to you like that?”

Emma: Only when he’s drunk. 🙂